Construction Products Group

Our Construction Products Group innovates and delivers unique solutions for use in the construction, restoration and maintenance of buildings. Its products meet the needs of design professionals, contractors, distributors and end users for industrial, commercial, residential and infrastructure projects in 130 countries and territories around the world.

Leading Brands

  • Tremco: Leading manufacturer of roofing materials and services, construction sealants, waterproofing systems, air barriers and firestopping solutions
  • Dryvit: No. 1 North American supplier of exterior insulation and finish systems
  • Euclid Chemical: Global market leader in specialty chemicals for the concrete and masonry construction industry
  • Flowcrete: Global market leader in high-performance resin, epoxy and decorative flooring systems
  • Nudura: A leading manufacturer and distributor of insulated concrete forms

Product Categories

  • Construction Sealants Adhesives Coatings & Chemicals
  • Roofing Systems
  • Concrete Admixture & Repair Products
  • Building Envelope Solutions
  • Insulated Cladding & Concrete Forms
  • Flooring Systems
  • Waterproofing Solutions


Legacy of Restoration

The Tremco Construction Products Group can tie its history all the way back to RPM’s founding product – Alumanation® 301. Alumanation 301 is a premium aluminum coating designed to be applied in one coat, without primer, over metal roof panels to serve as a long-term, highly reflective restoration solution. We continue to build on that legacy today by employing our technology platforms – such as AlphaGuard™ BIO, AlphaGuard™ MT/MTS, AlphaGuard™ FC LO, and AlphaGrade™ – to deliver sustainable solutions for our customers. With this complete, high-performing suite of products, as well as others, Tremco Roofing provides our customers with total peace of mind knowing that our solutions are of the highest quality, able to restore nearly any substrate. These products are backed by our best-in-class watertight Quality Assurance warranties.

Giving New Life to Roofs since 1928

Our liquid-applied roofing systems with highly reflective surfaces have a global impact by helping reduce the heat island effects.  They also help building owners and managers meet their sustainability goals by extending the lifecycles of their facilities while helping lower energy use and operating costs.

We are committed to sustainability and its impact on facilities and the people who use them. Through innovative products and processes, including diversion of roofing waste to landfills, low VOC product offerings, and unmatched bio-based content, we help our customers develop and maintain sustainable, high-performance buildings that last longer, cost less to operate and contribute to a healthier planet.  Our focus on restoration, renovation and repair supports our belief that the most sustainable buildings are the ones that already exist.

Solving Problems and Saving Money

Restoring aging, but still functional, roofs with a liquid-applied roofing system is an economical solution to roofing problems. The system’s superior performance resists the harsh effects of ultraviolet rays and damage created by extreme weather events. As a result, owners see impressive cost savings, increased sustainability and years of leak-free performance. The same benefits apply to wall restoration.

We develop our roof- and wall-restoration systems under strict quality standards and provide long-term warranties matched to the customer’s needs while creating peace of mind that their assets are protected. We’ve built our reputation by providing the right solution to facility problems through our combination of people, products and services, which work together to protect building assets against the elements. Today, we create complete restoration systems for nearly any roofing and/or wall system type.

“In FY22, Construction Products was a top performer – achieving sales of $2.5 billion, a 19.7% increase over the previous year. Our Nudura business, which we acquired in 2018, is a game changer, giving us the ability to offer solutions for a building envelope that ultimately helps the end user reduce energy use. Another recent acquisition that’s really paying off is PureAir, which reconditions and repairs HVAC systems, often saving our customers millions of dollars compared to the cost of a new system while also improving air quality and increasing efficiency.” 

— Paul Hoogenboom, President of the Tremco Construction Products Group



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